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RV Park Dothan Alabama

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RV Campers freely and voluntarily abide by the rules of Rosemont RV Park Dothan Alabama. We are a family-friendly RV Park located between Dothan and Headland in southeast Alabama and near the Florida and Georgia borders.

*The RV Park has 24-hour video surveillance. Public indecency or drunkenness will not be tolerated.*

A Camper is defined as the owners that are 18 years of age or older of any travel trailer renting an RV pad at the Rosemont RV Park. All RV’s campers’ adult children, minor children, and grandchildren are also welcome at the campground.

Dedicated to excellence with your camping needs and desires in mind. Rosemont RV Park has developed our park’s capabilities to better serve you! If you have any questions or requests, our friendly staff members are always standing by and ready to help in any way they can. We are dedicated to excellence for your satisfaction

*Photos taken during RV Park stay may be used in promotional pieces.

Cancellations and Vouchers:

  • 48-hour notice is required for all reservations cancellations.
  • Less than 48-hours will forfeit the entire deposit.
  • More than 48-hour notice will refund deposit less $10.00 Cancellation Fee.
  • Vouchers may be issued in cases of mandatory hurricane evacuations and emergency cases that can be substantiated by written documentation.

Complete Cancellation Form

Guns or weapons of any sort are strictly prohibited in any public area of the RV Park.


  • A Unit is defined as a Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) approved recreational vehicle including Class A, B, or C RV Motor homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, or Pop-up Campers.
  • All trailers must be inspected and be in excellent condition prior to locating it on a seasonal campsite.
  • It is highly recommended that the campers have an RV water pressure regulator on their trailer.
  • The placement of the Camper’s trailer on site is determined by rental agreement and availability.

RV Campsite:

  • Camper is not allowed to store anything under the said rv/trailer for an extended period of time.
  • Please clear the grass area each evening.
  • The campsite is designed for one unit only. Unless cleared by the Owner.
  • Campground shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any property of Camper or of others by interruption of electrical service, by theft or otherwise, or by trees, bushes, or other growing vegetation.
  • Rosemont RV Park shall not be liable for any damage caused by or arising as a result of acts or omissions by occupants, other than Rosemont RV Park, of adjacent campsites or property or the public, or caused by operation and construction of any private, public or quasi-public work.
  • All camper shall quietly and peacefully return said campsite in as good a condition as the same was upon commencement (including improvements made by RV Park) of this Agreement, ordinary wear and tear excused.
  • RV’s campers shall keep said campsite and all personal property located thereon in a state of cleanliness and healthy sanitation.
  • A camper is responsible for keeping said site maintained in a clean, neat, and safe condition at all times.
  • No trees may be moved, cut, or removed. All firewood must be purchased from RV Park.
  • All garbage must be disposed of in the park dumpster when leaving the park at the end of the camper’s stay and a fee will be charged if RV Park has to clean up Camper’s site.
  • Temporary clotheslines are permitted, but must not be nailed to, tied to, or wrapped around any tree, post, or shrub. A camper may not drive stakes or any other post. A line may be run on the camper’s trailer only and must be placed high enough so as not to create a hazard.
  • For the safety of everyone at the RV Park, please put out your fire before you go to bed, and NEVER LEAVE YOUR FIRE UNATTENDED.
  • Camper shall not use the RV Park for any illegal activity or activity which would injure the reputation of the RV Park or the RV Park’s business.


  • It is a $20 fine for not picking up after your pet.
  • Pets are permitted and dogs must be on a leash when not on Camper’s site but never leave pets unattended. Dog runs or pens in Camper’s campsite are prohibited unless cleared by the office first.
  • All animal waste must be picked up immediately and placed in a closed garbage bag and disposed of in the park’s main dumpster or any of the receptacles located throughout the park.
  • Dog Park is a Leash Free Zone at your own risk.


  • Firstly there is no fee for the guests of campers, but campers are responsible for this registration.
  • Reservations include 2 vehicles per site only. Additional vehicles are $5.00 per day. Guest vehicles must be registered at the RV Park office.
  • If said guests fail to register with RV Park, there shall be charged to Camper of $5.00 for each guest. Said fee shall be due and payable upon demand.
  • None of Camper’s guests may stay or visit the campground unless one adult on the original registration form is present.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to untrailer or drive personal carts/ATV’s at any time.

Good Neighbor Policies:

  • The campground’s property lines are clearly marked. There will be no trespassing on any of the surrounding neighboring properties. This rule is strictly enforced up to and including expulsion from Campground. All roadways and cut-through paths are clearly marked.
  • Quiet time is set from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Adults must supervise their minor children.
  • Minor children (under the age of 21) are prohibited from occupying said campsite without their parent or legal guardian present.
  • Children shall be restricted to the campsite at 10 p.m. without the accompaniment of an adult 21 years or older.

Sanitation and Water Usage:

  • Sewer rings or doughnuts should be used at every location.
  • Dumping gray water or waste on the ground is not permitted. Please empty the tank by means of service at each site.
  • Check water connections for any leaks.
  • Management retains the right to come on-site and correct any leaks or improper hookups.

Dump Station:

  • Camper agrees that if the dump station is used, it will be left in a clean manner for the next camper to use.  That is to say this includes all lids/hoses and other related equipment. No littering. Trash receptacles are available dumpster area.
  • All campsite garbage should be placed in bags and placed in bins.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.

Vehicles & Parking:

  • Proof of insurance shall be furnished each time a camping trip.
  • Campers operating an RV Park rented golf cart on RV property must show RV park proof of car liability insurance.
  • Parking is limited to approved parking areas only. Limited parking for golf carts is provided at the playground and bathhouse.
  • If your golf cart has is equipped with adequate lights you may use it after dusk.
  • Only licensed drivers shall operate said golf cart.
  • All personal craft and ATV’s must be washed off-site.
  • Golf carts must be properly maintained at all times.
  • No two-cycle golf carts are allowed.
  • The speed limit at RV Park is strictly enforced at 2.5 mph for all motorized vehicles.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the RV Park easements.
  • All vehicles and guest vehicles must be parked on camper’s campsite or approved parking areas.
  • Your additional trailer/s, vehicle/s, and/or boat or watercraft must be parked in approved areas only.
  • The campground will provide overflow parking on an as-needed, temporary basis at Campground’s discretion.

ATV Usage:

  • ATVs are not to be used or removed from their trailer in the RV Park.

Pavilion and Campground:

  • Rosemont RV Park provides a Men’s and Women’s bathhouse that includes sinks, toilets, and free showers.
  • For a nominal fee, our pavilion for camp activities or can be rented for individual parties.
  • Rules are posted in all recreational areas.